5 Reasons To Try Charley St. Plant-Based Meats For Quick And Easy Vegan Recipes

  • Flavor-packed plant-based meals, ready in minutes.
  • 13g protein, 6g fiber. Made with 100% vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO whole foods.
  • Now available nationwide, free shipping on orders $30+.

1. Epic Meals Ready When You Are

Just heat, stir, and eat! Lightening-fast to prepare, Charley St plant-based Chorizo and Bolognese make it dead easy to bring that epic plant taste and nutrition to any meal of the day. Cheers to a tastier and easier way to eat more plants!

2. 100% Real Foods For Superior Nutrition

Get 13g of protein, and 6g of dietary fiber per serving! Unlike other meat alternatives, Charley St brings the right nutritional balance from fresh, antioxidant-rich, whole foods like cauliflower, mushrooms, tofu, shallots, and garlic. Plus, its epic taste comes from fresh herbs & spices, miso, and tomato paste, so there is no compromising on nutrition.

3. Legendary Flavors, Endless Possibilities

Charley St legendary Chorizo and Bolognese can take you from Pasta Night to Taco Tuesday, while inspiring endless tasty meal possibilities! Early morning Chorizo fry-up? Quick and tasty curry? Bolognese for your next dinner date? The possibilities are legendary.

4. Meat-Free Meal Prep Hero

With 2.5 servings per pack and up to 2 weeks of fridge freshness after opening, this meal-prep hero always keeps you prepared for the next kitchen adventure! Top tip: Best kept frozen, our legends love stocking their freezers with Chorizo and Bolognese for epic plant meals that are always within reach!

5. Join A Coast-to-Coast Community Of Legends

Charley St started out as a community of local legends with a passion for whole foods and eating more plants. Now, Charley St is now bringing its epic plant-based eats across the entire country. Come on in, legend, let’s eat more plants together! Get free shipping on all orders over $30.


”This product is a game changer for my diet. It has everything I’m looking for. It’s affordable, convenient, healthy, and versatile.”

- Andrew, Verified Buyer

”The flavor and the heat level of this is absolutely perfect, and it is so versatile that I use it in a multitude of different recipes. I especially love it in a good jambalaya.”

- Joe, Verified Buyer

This product has changed my eating habits for the better. I used to be stressed out that I was not eating healthy enough and did not have the time to cook. This product helped me get on the right track and reduce my stress because of how easy it is to make and healthy for you. I love it!

- Alex, Verified Buyer


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