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Good for you
Good for the planet

We are guided by the core belief that humans thrive when healthy and so does our planet, so we make sure our food fulfills both truths.

Rule # 1

We are Healthy When We’re Happy, so our food must be DELICIOUS.

Rule # 2

Eating More Plants will help combat climate change, so our food must be DELICIOUS.

Plant based protein in
Plant based packaging!

Charley St continued initiative to improve to be a more sustainable and eco-friendly business. One of the ways is through our packaging.

Compostable Wrappers and Film Compostable bioplastics are made of plant fiber, and are designed to return to the earth. Everything from the pouch to th zipper is biodegradable.

Charley St’s mailer boxes are made from 99% post-consumer recycled material and are paired with inks that are suitable for recycling, to breathe a second life into once-used products. The minimal amount of wood-pulp fiber required is harvested from forests that are sustainably farmed under directive from the Forest Stewardship Council.

did you know…

Animal agriculture currently takes up
more than 45% of the earth’s ice-free land surface.

94% of Mammal Biomass (Excluding humans) is livestock.
This means livestock outweigh wild mammals by a factor of 15-to-1

1kg of Beef produces over 48x the amount of
water pollutants than 1kg of tomatoes.

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