It is as simple as 3 steps

  1. Add Extra Virgin Olive oil to a pan on medium to high heat (this is where your dial is between halfway and ¾ of the way)
  2. Stir in your Charley St product, making sure to coat all over and bring it up to a temperature for two minutes (at this point you can add in any sauces or one of recipe creations-or eat on its own, don’t worry we do that all the time!)
  3. Provide perspective
  4. Eat, Enjoy in one of our famous recipes, or on its own!
It is as simple as 3 steps
  1. Add your Charley St to a roasting dish (along with a sauce or recipe creation) and heat in the oven
  2. Stir the mixture halfway through the allotted cooking time to provide even distribution
  3. Eat, like a one pan wonder, enjoy on its own or in one of our famous recipes!
It is as simple as 3 steps
  1. Yes! Whilst we do recommend on the stove top or in the oven, simply heat your Charley St in a bowl for 45-60 seconds (it made need more depending on the ingredients)
  2. Stir, stir it halfway through and cook again if needed
  3. Eat, enjoy as it is, cooked in one of our famous Charley St recipes, or served on top of a saucy number
Like any food, you should make sure it is eaten within 4 hours of cooking. Any longer within the danger zone (a temperature zone in cooking whereby pathogens are more likely to harvest) and your food is susceptible to spoilage.
Yes you can! Charley St is already pre cooked, so if you prefer it a little cooler, be our guest. We just prefer it warmed up! Due to its wholefood make up and the way we store it frozen. You are able to eat it directly from the packet
Only if you are allergic to soy, but that will not be the case for long with a soy free SKU coming out soon!
After we prepare the goods, we ship them off to a legendary drop shipment facility located in Brooklyn, New York. That’s where it gets packaged and shipped!
Due to the nature of our product, we’re using dry ice to ship our units to ensure they stay cold. For more information on how to dispose of dry ice, please see here.
Please reach out to and except an email back within 24hrs.
Please reach out to
Charley Street Internal Document for CS Issues: Let this document serve as an internal document for our Community Marketing Intern who will be handling certain customer service issues via Facebook, IG and Email.
Internal Policy:
  1. Apologize for whatever stress that may have been caused.
  2. Affirm that there will be a solution.
  3. Provide perspective
  4. Offer multiple solutions (let customer choose)
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