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Plant Based.
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You Don’t Know,

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Epic Ingredients

Three Easy Steps

  • Heat

    Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil to a pan on medium-high heat

  • Stir

    Stir in your chorizo for
    2-3 minutes or until you
    see the crispier
    edges form

  • Eat
    Serve and Enjoy
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our story

Australians bring
adventure to your kitchen.

We opened Charley St in 2018 as an Australian Cafe, wanting to build a brand in the US around our Australian lifestyle. We are all about providing elevated breakfast and lunch offerings that complimented our epic coffee scene similar to what you would find in our homeland. Along the way we realised our food was having a direct impact on the way our community viewed their meal choices.

It was simple: a lot of our menu items were helping our community eat more plants, and they tasted epic! In particular there was an element known as our Chorizo, an entirely plant based product made only of wholefoods, was going gangbusters! Knowing a big part of our
vision is to help our community eat more plants (whether they choose to eat solely plant based meals or not), we decided to package that product up. After speaking to our community we wanted to tackle some of the common barriers of eating more plants at home; time, skill and taste. After a bit of testing (and a pandemic) we are proud to be launching the Charley St Chorizo & The Charley St Bolognese.

With 12g of protein, made entirely out of whole foods, that is cooked in just a few minutes and it tastes epic! These products were made by our community for you the community and we are stoked we can now have a bit Charley St in your home. Click here to read more about the cafe.

Good for You,

Let’s impact the planet together…
One delicious meat at a time. See how.

our café

Read how it all began

We selfishly wanted our Aussie food & coffee every day for the rest of our lives, so we opened a café in Nolita. Championing our food and farmers is what we do, and offering a vibing atmosphere for all of you to experience it is how we do it.

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For all your Pasta, Lasagna, Pizza, Spaghetti Bowl, Sloppy
Joe, Brekkie, Lunch and Dinner needs.

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